Tango Dancer & Choreographer


The profession of performing arts requires imagination, aesthetic sense and experience. I have been connected to the stage for more than twenty years. The first group I was in charge of was when I was 18, and from this moment on my passion and commitment have not changed, and I knew from that first moment that the scenic development for Tango in the World was going to become my eternal search.



The Tango salon has undergone over time the changes related to the development of movement and aesthetics, the key to dance is to be aware of the current parameters and more than anything to promote sensitivity and the way of listening to music.

Photo Gallery


Monday Group Class in Hamburg

by Andrés & Maude -VALS & MILONGA-

(in Tangomatrix - only with reservation)

gruppe mit Maude & Andres.jpg

Tuesday Class in Hamburg

by Andrés & Maude -TANGO- 

(in Salsa HH - only with reservation)

Alto Tango Milonga in Hamburg

-Paused- More info at www.altotango.de

"Maria de Buenos Aires"

-Theater Lübeck, Germany. Autumn 2021. More info at www.theaterluebeck.de