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It's time to explore the Story of the Rhythm

“Gotambó is the result of a personal search as an artist and dancer, intimately connected with the events that I have gone through in my artistic career, since the first tango class when I was the age15 years until my adult age of 40 today.

Gotambó is how Tango entered in my life, the way how I’ve struggled to become a dancer and also my strongest reason to move forward”        

About Gotambó

It is a well-known fact among Tango aficionados, often cited but rarely supported, that the music and dance of Tango, like the place of its origin, Buenos Aires and Montevideo, represent a kind of melting pot of various streams of European and African culture, music and dance. Told through the experience of the relationship of a mans journey and Tango, ‘Gotambó’ opens the doors and explores the artistic expression of a new generation who embraces and delves into the hidden rhythms found within the layers of Tango. It is the expression of peoples - history - stories and emotions. It is - ’rhythm and movement’ - ‘Music and life’ and ‘Dance’ is the expression of the combination. 


‘..what could have been and what yet will come!’  Andrés Sautel.

About the Show "Afrikano"

Afrikano is a one-of-a-kind live music and dance revue, based on the hidden rhythms of Tango Argentino. It offers a unique mix of familiar melodies with specially composed music, performed live by an Argentinian band and African percussionists. This culturally inspired and new style of music is celebrated and brought to life by the best dancers and singers the tango world has to offer.

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